Race Archive

HYROX - Glasgow 2023

HYROX on home turf in Scotland! A brilliant day with things finally going to plan. Hard work and training definitely paid off.

HYROX 2 - Return to London

Larger scale, higher stakes, more jeopardy, a returning character faces adversity - and all the other usual sequel tropes.

HYROX - London April 2022

My first foray into the world of HYROX! Some proper Type 2 fun. Loved it, despite a bit of a facepalm-moment mistake.

MacTuff OCR - 2022

Review of the 2022 MacTuff obstacle course race in Scotland. A very cold but very fun OCR makes it return after a 2 year hiatus due to Covid restrictions.

MacTuff OCR 2018

Kicking off the new year with a brilliant (though very cold) OCR in Scotland

Man vs Lakes 2017

A challenging yet very special marathon distance race in the Lake District

Bing Blazer 2017

One of Scotland's more notable OCRs, and one of the best in terms of value for money.

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