Obstacle course races are awesome! They offer a unique and fun challenge containing any blend of running, climbing, lifting, pushing, swimming, swinging, crawling that you won't see anywhere else.

The participants are often just as varied as the obstacles; and within the one race you will likely see everyone from elite athletes, fun runners raising money for charity, and those who have been talked into it by friends or work colleagues. One thing remains the same though, and that's everyone will have a smile on their face, cheering each other on the whole way round. The sense of atmosphere and camaraderie is often second to none.

Hopefully the posts, race reviews, videos, etc on ObstacleMan can provide some insight into just how awesome OCRs are.

Adam Pollock "I formed ObstacleMan in 2015 after falling in love with the sport of obstacle course racing. My objective was simply to help promote and raise awareness of OCRs in the UK and beyond, encouraging as many people as possible to take up or try the sport. If just one person takes up OCRs as a result of the content of ObstacleMan, then it will all have been worth it!"

"If I can help at all with any questions, race doubts, training advice, anything to do with OCRs, feel free to get in touch."

Adam Pollock

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