My first race back after injury: MoRunning - Edinburgh

My first race back after injury: MoRunning - Edinburgh

Due to the initial injury to my knee, and the subsequent operation, it's been almost 5 months since I've moved faster than a brisk walk.  So to be thinking about my next race in only 3 weeks time, it's pretty exciting!

The race I'll be doing is MoRunning - Edinburgh.  A fun, light-hearted event local to where I live, and all for a good cause.


MoRunning organise various events across the UK during the month of November, to raise awareness and money for men's health through the Movember Foundation.  The race I'll be doing is MoRunning - Edinburgh on 12th November (if you fancy joining me, feel free to get in touch).

As well as being for a great cause, it's a perfect first race back after being out injured for a while.  It's fun (fancy dress encouraged), there is absolutely no pressure to race or get a good time, and it's local to where I live.  I also know the route well: the very scenic Queen's Drive around Arthur's Seat.

Queens Drive around Arthurs Seat

The very scenic Dunsapie Loch, part way round Queen's Drive

I wasn't actually planning to do any races until next year, but a MoRunning rep got in touch a few weeks ago and suggested their MoRunning - Edinburgh event.  It ticked all the boxes for sounding like a great event, and so I didn't hesitate signing up.

It feels brilliant to be getting excited about races again, instead of worrying or being depressed about my knee.  I'm under no illusions I'll be capable of anything remotely resembling a fast pace, but the main thing is that I'll be there, taking part, and not on the sidelines (or virtual social media sidelines like I've been for many recent races).

If you want to find out more about MoRunning and the Movember Foundation, check out their website here.

Slow and Steady

I'm certainly not going to be setting any PBs during this race, to say the least.  Being realistic, I will feel it's an achievement if I can maintain an easy jog all the way round.  Not because of lack of fitness, but rather lack of strength and confidence in my knee.  It will be a proper test, which I'm slightly nervous about, but at the end of the day I can always slow to a walk if it's too sore or uncomfortable.

So my goal for MoRunning - Edinburgh is simply to have fun, complete the race, and if I can, jog all the way round.  To keep accelerating and progressing recovery from injury, I feel you need little targets and goals like this.  With no deadlines or upcoming races to focus on, it can be all too easy to meander through your training and injury rehab, and delay getting back to full health (if at all).

MoRunning Medal Preview

The MoRunning finisher medal is pretty cool looking as well :)

After MoRunning, I hope to get another few road races under my belt, gradually getting my fitness and confidence back.  Then next year back on to the OCR circuit!  See you on the start line soon...